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1/25/14 by R1665

Okay, so no January release for the Random Select Collab.  It would seem that even Mother Nature herself is working against us.  It might seem like a cop-out to blame blizzards and polar vortexes for our production delays, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  We're only a few weeks' worth of work away from having a finished product.  The problem at this time is getting myself and Rap in the same room at the same time to get it done.

That said, please maintain patience.  If you are a collab contributor, please know that your work was not in vain and we WILL get this out - just not as soon as we had hoped.

If you want to pass the time, just watch this in a constant loop until the RSC drops -  



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True R1665, any luck with the collab my friend?






Hey R1665, ever gone to mortalkombatonline? I just wanna tell you about a new guy on the site that, despite being a casual gamer (he said), is just--- I dunno --- painful. Something like that. Just wanted to ask your opinion on his posts

I like ninjas but I understand there are too many ninjas.

4/20/14 R1665 responds:

He strikes me as... unnecessarily opinionated. A lot of his stuff actually hurt to read and I had to skip over some of it. His detractors were amusing.

"Opinions are like assholes..."




Have you thought about just animating fight scenes with no story? Honestly you already got so much cred that a story wouldn't be necessary if you had a bad ass fight scene.

So, any updates on the collab? Has the situation improved any?

True indeed sir! I really hope it does work out for the collab. Well when the time comes, you know where to find me.

That's cool R1665, is the next collab another fight battle or something different?
Also any work with Rap?

3/25/14 R1665 responds:

Well, we gotta get this current collab straightened out before we can start worrying about the next one. Hopefully, we'll be back on course here very soon.


Yeah, how about that other project? We've heard almost nothing about it, save for that it will replace VGE, and that it will use original characters.

3/15/14 R1665 responds:

It's much too early to start hyping the VGE replacement. It's just one of many upcoming projects.




So the collab will still be delayed. But how about your other project? The one that replaces VG exiles? It may not have characters that are familiar but if there will be an insane fight that involves throwing people through walls and floors, I'd be happy to watch that.

3/15/14 R1665 responds:

There are actually several other projects - all of which require collaboration. That's what is needed right now.


Whew... It's been a full year since we talked about this project. We took some loses but I believe it's still worth the wait. All members must have turned in their entry by now, but we still need to do a quick preview before hand guys. R1665 and Rap are busting their hump and jumping through loops to make this happen. ;)
I can't wait to get my new system! I have some projects I like to continue and more to work on.
I miss you flash! -_-



Make sure you do another MK FAILtality soon, I f@cking love those! xD

So, any updates on the status of Random Select Collab?



You're right. Those reddit posts are too advanced for Smoothuser to have made. One post has TWO paragraphs!

Went back and watched TechLeSSWaYz's Street fighter epic 5 and saw Smootheruser post this:

IMPRESSIVE! Very nice man. Again, the creativity SHINES! Good fights, good cinematics. Guy and Ibuki are a great team. Yes, I know it came from Street Fighter 4 but way to play it out. A very refreshing extension. Dude, you got the tools, just keep rolling with it. I'm willing to do a co-project. You just might be pissed at my busy schedule. I had a guy and gambit flash vs frieza and cell at one point a loooong time ago but that computer crashed....and boom goes the dynamite. So, you've inspired me also. It's good to see original shit out here. It keeps us entertained and creative. NOT a fan of the hardcore, headbanging, devil music. Other than that, very nice. Keep it coming.

I like how he says 'let's work together but I can't 'cuz I'm busy." Also, devil music.

2/18/14 R1665 responds:

If and when he ever returns, we can give him all the hell in the world.

For now, though, let's just keep it cool.


If I had join, it would have been fun but oh well.... You know, is there any update on the series which is replacing VG exiles? For the fight scenes, you added some music I don't know but I was wondering if you were gonna add music in the fights like Bullet for My Valentine, Avenged Sevenfold or maybe Evanescence. Have you ever thought of adding more popular band music like that? Cheers mate! Hope ta see the collab...

- Krazzy



Just noticed this: googling the word Smoothuser shows that a reddit account with that name has been active for some time. Either some guy really liked this name and made it at the same time you-know-who made it, or the military thing is just bs and he is lurking somewhere somehow something.

2/11/14 R1665 responds:

I'm 90% sure that's not the smoothie we all know and love. Sentence structure reads like an entirely different person.

I don't think smoothuser is coming back. Military or no military, he knows that I will firmly plant my boot up his ass should he ever show his face here again. He's ruined. He's done.

He'd be a damned fool to assume the name "smoothuser" on any forum ever again.


Well, at least there's progress happening. So can't wait for this to be released.



Cool, nice to see u updating and keeping us up to date. Take ur time.

Thanks for the heads up R1665. You are right man, nature has her way of slowing things down. Its funny how things work at times. I came to found out that my motherboard has gone bad for my computer. Now I have to wait. lol