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Well, looking forward to episode 4. I have a feeling it's going to be better.

This is good news, I thought it was cancelled


Ouch. That sucks. I know what feels like to lose something in yourself because someone else decided they didn't give a shit... It's a terrible feeling.

I hope things go well for you. It sounds like you've already taken the first step and gotten rid of him so that's good.

Glad to hear you're doing good, man. I gotta say, I can't wait for the next episode of VGE. The hype is killing me!

Man! I am excited to see what lies in store for Episode 4. Have a feeling it might be as epic as I remember it. BTW, if I remember correctly, it looks like most of the animation will have sprites instead of traditional artwork drawings into it. If that's the case, that'll be interesting to see.

But even then, I'd say that's the main reason why I've finally decided not to work under animation teams, because of HUGE creative differences. Like, I feel I'm not the one making the ideas I feel that are fun to work with, but rather somebody elses, unless if their idea sounded like fun. So I can somewhat relate, but your problems with CE are like on a HIGH level. I seriously hope you recover from this man.

- Shift

VGE4 will be entirely sprites. I can't allow myself to be dependent on traditional artwork anymore.


Great news, keep it up!

Not to the extent of yourself (because fuck Carl) But I know the feeling of having someone ruin something even slightly that you previously loved. I've had people do that with some of my favorite MMOs, and I always hate that feeling.

Wow a lot has happened it seems since i last checked in on your work. I had no idea that you were reviving Exiles. Last i heard it was very much canceled. Well let me thank you from the bottom of my heart for privileging us with the chance to experience your work once more! I hope all continues well and unhindered.

Awesome! I always hoped you would just do story with full sprites, I'm glad CE-Raps gone! Glad to see you found my favorite fatality in MKX :)

Not gonna lie, I always hoped you'd eventually forego the drawn style for the story aspect and simplify it down to pure pixels. I honestlythink it keeps the style nore cohesive, and gives you more freedom to show things exactly as you'd like to. I think the best storytelling in this series comes from the animation in the action sections (the strongest imo being the Talbain/Gambit fight in terms of character expression) Very excited to see your series in a more liberated state! Long time follower and will continue to be so!