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Alrighty, then. It's constructive criticism time.

Others have already mentioned the "way too fast choreo", so I won't bother with going into detail on it. What I will say is that it gets especially jarring when it is mixed with these long-ish scripted segments using official voice clips. It's really no different than stopping a fight to toss in a text box. Fast... slow... fast... slow... The pacing could be a lot better. Plus they don't seem to be adding anything plot-wise.

Also, you should make better use of your VCAM. 80% of the screen space is completely wasted during the fight. All the action on the bottom + big big empty space on the top = an unbalanced appearance.

Honestly, I was disappointed to see another cliffhanger. It wasn't because I have to wait for more action. It was because I was hoping the series would finally be put to bed. It greatly limits you and I know you can do much better. Shoto boringness notwithstanding, your usage of so many character lines as plot plus the staple of adding clips from the official source movies really handcuffs you. You're never going to surprise me with a plot based around that.

Still, a solid effort. However, you still have a lot of rough edges to smooth out.


MysticSkillz responds:

Thanks R1665, and the open space is a problem in my flash for some reason. When I zoom in to close it's starts lagging a lot. I guess it was due for so much was going on at once. I will do better in the Final Round.

A worthy continuation of the SHIFT series.

I do like how the antagonists were more of a challenge this time and not just cannon fodder. Good mook diversity. In my opinion, the only thing that really dinged it choreographically speaking was that the teleportation panels seemed too prominent and hid a lot of the close-range action.

All in all, solid work.


TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Thanks for that. It will help out on the next one! :)

How delightfully savage! I had seen you streaming the process for some of it, but most of that was all-new to me. Was Riesbyfe in there due to my mentioning her or did you already have her in mind for that?

*Prepares evil eye*


TechLeSSWaYz responds:

Savage...I like that. Thank you! lol
Riesbyfe was always planned. At first, I wasnt going to show her until Part 2. But I changed it at the last minute.. So fix that face, sir! LOL

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Baseline expectations

The piss-poor audio compression made the whole endeavor a complete waste of time. When your only real asset is sound, you want to make damn sure that sound is of the highest quality possible.

You used 1.8 out of a possible 10 MB. There was plenty of room there to up your sound quality. Instead, you compressed it such that there could not possibly be any practical use for it whatsoever. Why bother then?

+3 for having adequate coding knowledge to make a soundboard in the first place. Next time, do better than 16 kbps mp3 compression and you might not miss out on the other seven.


Sixth highest for now...

I got 1,841 with a Microsoft Mobile Mouse 3500. I shall enjoy my #6 placement for whatever fleeting moments I can.


Manly-Chicken responds:

Nice score man.

Fun, but found an error.

I cannot get past puzzle 22 because of a glitch. The ball hits the hole. the "plink" sound is heard, then the ball explodes against the globe. I can then fire no additional balls (although the "ball launch" sound still plays) and each press deducts another 50 points for every nonexistent ball that hasn't actually launched. I have no choice but to return to the menu and manually select the level again, which produces the same glitch. I have simultaneously passed and failed four times now and my patience wanes.

Anyway, good game until level 22.


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Ponies have a hard time operating slot machines. No thumbs.

Also, brilliant tactic having your inbox full and no news posts. That way, people have to review your song to leave you a message. Diabolical, but brilliant.

Gotta give you props for that. Assuming it was intentional, of course.


- Review as requested -

My opinion in general? Honestly, this whole thing could use a lot of work.

Firstly, the VO doesn't change much in tone or delivery. Out of five minutes of dialogue, only about ninety seconds of it display any real degree of emotion or strain. The rest is simply the same tone with occasional accent changes. The writing for the "commercial" bits is distractingly non-commercial. Also, there is something weirdly off about his word stresses. I don't know the reason for this, but sounding like English is your second language will make a difference in radio ads. ...and when radio ads make up 75% of your demo, that's not good.

If you're going to use a "radio-style" delivery, you should use more than just the advertisements. Those only show an ability to read words on a script. To better show tone, try some "station identification" bits - those sometimes wacky, sometimes serious, always corny, and always identifiable sections.

You need to show range more than anything. Considering that this is on Newgrounds, it's probably safe to assume that this isn't for commercial use. It's for saying, "Hey, guys! I'm available for voicing your cool movie!". Cool movies require range, inflection, and characterization, not simply the reading of lines.

That said, try putting together a "character demo" rather than a general demo reel.


I don't consider myself a VO and my opinions or advice on the subject will never be as good as those of actual VOs. That said, take any advice from me on this subject with a grain of salt. There's a decent chance that I don't actually know what the hell I'm talking about.



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