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Not quite the attitude I expect from one of the greatest spriter here, but we understand how you feel. So much time and work been put in projects that’s hard to just abandoned and toss to the side.
I can definite relate to lack of motivation, yeah I may have post stuff to the group here and there to help get you guys going, but I too lack the will to open the program and dive right in at times.

At this point R1665, nothing should be stopping you in continuing your projects; and school is a possible time consuming as well as work. You also mention you had time off from it and you been playing Titan fall 2 for sometime when that time could been spent on production.
The problem I think is you have to get out of your own way my friend and give yourself a kick in the ass when needed.
The longer you put off on something the longer it’s going to take to get completed.

I haven’t turned on my Xbox in over two months now and I put that energy in other use. This does not mean I don’t miss my gaming and I do, but I feel other matters are needed to be taking care of in order to move forward.
I’m not writing this to come down on you what so ever and you know this.

Yeah Newgrounds new rules about music use will make things a bit difficult for a lot of artist to upload there work here. But don’t forget, there is always Youtube, don’t abandoned your channel as well. Start off this year with a bang. ;)

I've said it before an I'll say it again, take as much time as you need. As someone who is also creatively inclined (Mostly writing and Let's Plays) AS WELL as someone who also went through an emotional flogging by people I should have been able to trust (who have their own reckoning coming at some point), I can at bare minimum empathize with what you're going through.

Emotional scars are the slowest to heal and it's worse when it taints the things we find joy in. However, if something is truly enjoyed then that love will re-kindle eventually. It just takes time, and can't be rushed since that can just sour the feelings towards it even more.

Doing something you love should never feel like a chore. I look forward to VGE4 patiently whenever it, and you, are ready.


Have you considered writing a tie-in? A fanfic of the other parallel dimensions, or the missions we haven't seen?

So, if you're not going to post the new episode on Newgrounds, then where? Any thoughts about that?
I don't mean to come off as being too critical here, but pickings seem really slim nowadays, and it looks like just about any video platform out there is going to be copyright claiming left and right. Realistically-speaking, you may have to bite the bullet on this one.

Unless, of course, you do have a good place for it-- in which case, by all means, carry on with what you're doing.

Probably YouTube.

While it is true that they have copyright standards, they allow exceptions. For example, if your video is non-monetized, you can pretty much upload anything and it's up to the copyright holder whether or not to take it down. Most often they just toss a banner ad on it and let it keep existing. You acknowledge it's theirs, they get a few bucks, and everyone's happy.

Newgrounds doesn't seem to be working like that. TechLeSSWaYz told me that he had Tom Fulp PM'ing him over copyright within ten minutes of his last submission and had to change the music to keep it on. No bueno.


Also, seeing the beta fight was really cool. I'd be interesting to see Duck King come back for Exiles at some point, if only because of his unique and interesting fighting style.

well,it looks like we have to wait a little longer to see the next episodes,i hope you can find more time to get your things done,never give up to what you like to do,i wish you luck,by the way,i see the
Duck King vs. Shen Woo movie,can you please tell me the name of the awesome song playing on this sprite movie?

"Anaphrodesia" by MXD feat. Dynamike