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An overdue update.

2012-08-19 02:42:38 by R1665

Well, had things gone according to plan, these "official" updates would be on the deviantArt group page. However, since that page (and the content that will be posted therein) is not yet ready to go live, such updates will need to remain here, I suppose.

Anyway, there are some big changes coming to the VG Exiles and I'm not sure how much I should elaborate here considering that the game plan is not yet finalized for the future of the series. I will say, however, that this has not been a wasted year. Not by a long shot. I know how it looks when months go by and there is little activity here. It looks like the project is stalled or slowed. "Maybe R1 and Rap are getting sidelined by life and finding it difficult to get to work..." "Maybe they're taking an Alvin-Earthworm-styled extended hiatus..."

Let me reassure you guys - shit is getting done and it is getting done damn near every night.

In fact, it is getting done to a degree that nothing like it has ever been done before. It is getting done such that I'm not entirely sure Flash can handle the sheer volume of content this project holds. I'll put it this way - the fight I have now is, at this unfinished point, far greater in content (and filesize) than any other completed fight I have ever done. There are visual and choreographic aspects that have never before been done in this medium and I would have thought them to be nigh-impossible a couple of years ago. One of my worries now is that we may be setting the bar so high that we won't be able to keep raising it in future installments. That sounds like bragging, but it's really not.


Anyway, as you all should be aware from my past updates, the series is getting a bit of a reboot and you should all be prepared for some dramatic changes to the established series canon. Some subtle, others massive. Some characters may be different from those who have already been shown. Some characters may be replaced entirely. Plot points change, FIGHTS change, history changes. Everything is getting upgraded. That is going to be ridiculously obvious when this current project drops, but we feel the need to make sure you guys know what is coming.

If this post sounds rambling and incoherent, it is because it is late and I still have a lot of work to do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go and animate a fighter being slammed into the ground multiple times at high speed...



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2012-08-19 05:32:40

Reboot means new voices. If you need new voices that rock, SJD is the one to go to. My reel. /audio/listen/483985


2012-08-19 14:18:50

OH THANK GOD. I was getting worried. I haven't had any contact with anyone I really care about for a while. Everyone I know has been MIA. Glad you're still around.


2012-08-19 20:23:38

Glad to hear an update Terry! Looking forward to things. :)


2012-08-21 00:45:37

Welcome back man i enjoy your work. keep it up.


2012-08-22 07:56:44

Funny how you FINALLY post an update after I ask if you're dead ;)

This reboot sounds really awesome but is it going to render episodes 0 1 and 2 non-canon because of how much is changed? Because if the actual CHARACTERS are changing thats extremely massive and kind of a big risk.

R1665 responds:

The current episodes will indeed be rendered non-canon due to story changes. The key events and main established cast will remain by and large, but the details surrounding them will change.



2012-08-22 21:32:54

Fingers crossed for seeing Ryu die again? XD


2012-08-25 00:55:19

Speaking of Alvin-Earthworm. Apparently he posted on his deviant a while back that sprites no longer interest him and hes done with the mario bros z series....
R1665.... if that ever happens to you, would you at least give us an ending to your series, ending on a cliff hanger..... hurts.

R1665 responds:

We're in this for the long haul. One advantage to the partnership between Rap and myself is that we won't let each other burn out like that. We keep the work and motivation flowing.



2012-08-25 21:07:45

Will this reboot render episode three non-canon, or is the reboot being made with ep. 3 in mind?

R1665 responds:

Everything currently established will be rendered non-canon. Ep3 included.



2012-08-26 08:10:52

Its good to see an update but can you give us any screenshots?


2012-08-26 09:54:35

Just to add one quick note for those inquiring---

This update was just to give a heads up that we're still alive and have been working very diligently since my health normalized---VEEERRRYY DILIGENTLY----(seriously, can't stress that enough.......*sigh*)

But don't get too bogged down with speculation. We won't give ANY specifics until we've got things completely solid and sorted out on our end.

Rest assured, you guys will know the whole 'sitch in the next major update, which as it stands is slated for the Fall.



2012-09-05 20:54:35

Oh thank god! and I though all the good sprite makers where gone. Good to know your still at it "R". Well I'll be waiting for the new projects man and don't get burned out! take a break, eat, sleep, play, etc..then come back strong.