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What I'm up to...

Posted by R1665 - January 16th, 2016

I'm back in school now.  I've become a non-traditional student at the local tech college and I'm pursuing a diploma in HVAC.  I guess this is what happens when your life turns sour and you decide that enough is enough.  You make drastic changes.

Now, one might think that going back to school would leave less time for animating.  That might be true in later semesters, but right now this has turned into a major boon for VGE4.  I have a solid two-hour block between the end of my latest class and the time I have to roll into work.  That is time that I have dedicated to animating and it has been amazingly helpful.  I've been getting way more done in the college library than at my own desk at home.

I just go in, find an isolated spot in a corner somewhere, and animate on my laptop.  It's quiet and there aren't any distractions.  Just me and Flash.  Getting stuff done.

Anyway, just thought I'd give you guys a small update.  I had kind of stalled over the last month with my animations, but this new block of dedicated time is reinvigorating me.  I might need to start going there on my off days just for the productivity boost.  It's way easier to get stuff done when you're not at your home computer being distracted by games, food, YouTube, alcohol, a bed five feet away, and porn.

So...  yeah.  VGE4 is coming.  No release date in mind, but it's being worked on.



. . .


...and fuck you, Carl.

Comments (6)

aight man good luck in college.

Awesome, glad to see you return. Looking forward to more animations.

Words of inspiration. Best of luck to you R1665, use all tools around you while in collage. ;)
Hope to collab again with you some time in near future this year. By then our animation skillz should be 10 or 50 times advanced. Looking forward to your work.

all of those things...in order? I kid but the internet IS the biggest roadblock for those who are creative. So easy to get distracted.

I know what you mean with distractions. My house is a dump, but I bet I'd end up making it spotless if I went two days without Youtube, Netflix or Steam.

Wow I haven't check up here in a while... I'm really glad to hear that Rap was dumped, I stopped checking up on the exiles as soon as you got so concerned with all the reboots, rewrites, and straight up deciding to create your own sprites and shit. I knew as soon as you were gonna start trying to create your own characters that there was no future for that project, it was just WAY TOO MUCH, ESPECIALLY for no pay. I also know from my own creative experiences that once you start rebooting or rewriting something more than once, all of the magic is lost. So glad to see you simply returning to your roots R1665, making sprites fight each other. A complex story of any form is definitely not needed, just a simple exchange before and after the battles would do it for me! I wish you good luck in your future endeavours and already know that whatever they are, they will have waaaayyyy more success without Rap rewriting every two days. And good luck to you in college! I missed this page!