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Updates, Pico Day, and whatnot

Posted by R1665 - March 10th, 2016

Okay, so...  I've decided to go to Newgrounds HQ for Pico Day weekend.  @MysticSkillz talked me into it...

That's right.  An irrelevant sprite animator who hasn't had a major action release since 2011 will be making the trip to Philadelphia in a sad attempt to rekindle a defunct animation hobby.  I mean, who gives a shit, right?  We all know that web series like the VG Exiles fall off the radar and get lost.  After four and a half years of a bad partnership and lots of hype with little substance, what good could possibly...


. .

. . .

. . . .

. . . . .



Yes, that is a three-story-tall dragon with a kunai jammed into its snout.  Boy, does he look pissed...

After four and a half years of delays and sidetracks, VG Exiles Episode 4 is finally happening.  At this moment, I have ten seconds' worth of choreo to do before the end of the fight.  That's it.  Ten more seconds and this half-a-decade-in-the-making fight will come to an end.

Now, I still have a long way to go.  Finishing move, scripting, voices, story scenes, lip synching (yes, I said "lip synching"), and all that.  I very highly doubt that this will be ready for upload by the beginning of May, but I can most certainly have the fight section spit-polished and ready to pimp out by then.  Maybe it can show up on the Pico Day stream.  Maybe not.  Maybe I can just screen the fight for those in attendance...

At the very least, it should keep @Tom Fulp distracted long enough for me to swipe some office supplies.

So...  see you guys in Philly, maybe?


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Well, at least you'll meet animators, right? :) Enjoy your trip.

You've been to Pico day before, right?

Nope. Going in blind.


I've heard your name mentioned, more than a few times at Pico day, I'm sure you'll gave a great time!

This is true folks, I held R1665 up for ransom and ordered his family to release him to the world and force him to attend Pico Day... I'm such a bad man.
Cool update R1665, I'm so hyped for this to come out and I can see that your starting to open up your Pandora box.
I hope you can make it to Pico Day this year, I believe you will enjoy yourself. I like to have a drink with you and just bug out dear sir. I got my list of those I may meet and I'm adding you to the maybe attending section. Keep up the awesome work.

Good to see you haven't lost it ^_^

sweet I'll be there calling for "r1665"

Wanna send a friend over to say hi
what would he be looking for if he were to look for ya

He'd probably be looking for the thirty-something, brown-haired, glasses-wearing guy in the Deadpool shirt loudly wondering what the hell he got himself into.

I just assumed we'd have name tags or something.


I'm pretty sure that was sarcasm back there, 'cause I know that sprite animation is still watched...'cause I watch it. I'll be looking very much forward to seeing Episode 4 of VG Exiles. Good luck to the both of you.