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R1 goes to Pico Day

Posted by R1665 - May 8th, 2016

Well, Pico Day has come and gone.  As I write this, there are likely still people at the office partying it up.  I, however, have just finished the 11-hour drive back to Kentucky.  I'm ready to take a double-shot of NyQuil, pass out, and enjoy the final few days of the vacation week I had set aside for this

This was my first Pico Day and it was quite a bit more than I had expected.  I'm normally not too great with large social gatherings so it was a bit overwhelming.  I had never met any of these people in person before and really only knew a handful of them by reputation.  All of which was far greater than my own.  I might be able to animate the shit out of some sprites, but right then I was surrounded by some real top talent.  Lots of animators, musicians, voice actors, and other people of great ability talking about a myriad of different subjects about which I had little to nothing to say.  So, a lot of my time at the beginning was just wandering around looking at things and trying not to look like too much of a dope.

I definitely got the sense that I DESPERATELY need to learn how to draw something.  It's kind of hard to be asked what you do and not be able to show an immediate example.  "Sprite animator" is not exactly the kind of answer I want to give in that situation.  Especially when I haven't done anything to warrant recognition over the last few years.

Still, despite my awkwardness, everyone there was SUPER COOL.  I chatted up @TomFulp a few times and I must give him props for being a spectacular host.  I know crazy events like Pico Day have to be a major strain and he handles it like a fucking champ.

Anyway, it took me a little while to find a groove.  But that groove did come.

I met and chatted with a whole lot of awesome people and I won't get into all the details here.  Not trying to write a book.  I will say that I definitely look forward to doing this again.  Next time, though, I'll be much better prepared...

Oh, and also...



The fighters are finally revealed and I promise that this will be like nothing you've ever seen before.

Time for me to get to work!

(...after a good night's sleep, of course.  I'm fuuuuuuuuuucking exhausted...)


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At first I thought this would be a pinball game but this is nothing like a pinball game you just draw around and somethings this is not a pinball game and it could had bin better.

Don’t de-legitimize yourself just because you sprite animate versus flash animate. Sprite animation has a pretty sizeable cult following and has a fair amount of depth in its own regards. Eventually you get into custom sprites, take that to the extreme and eventually it’s a full-blown independent animation. And I don't even really know anything about sprite animation! But of course, never hurts to learn new skills.

Sounded like a fun trip!

Your animations were truly awe inspiring!!

I thank you, sir!

It is YOUR work that is making that next level possible for everyone. THAT is a true inspiration! It was indeed an honor to meet you!


Good luck on this one, make crazy scenees.....

Haha...R1665 you are the man, and a Greater man in person. You are so cool to chill with and thanks for having that drink with me. You inspired the hell out of me and I love what you showed and the knowledge you shared with me. So glad you made it this year and hope to catch you again next year, glad you enjoyed yourself and now you know first hand what Newgrounds is about. (PARTY! And Inspiration city!) You should know us sprite animators have a place there and it's cool to talk about.
Sorry for showing up later than expected, and being so hyper active, I just loosen up when I have a few drinks in me lol. But manage to make it anyways. Looking forward of seeing the final of your work dear sir.

Well, sounds like Pico day was really exciting for you. Really can't wait to see what you gained, even if it's a little. :)

Hi there! Fyrem here. Completely random person wanting to say something worthwhile. It... It might be long, though, and I apologize in advance for the length, but I feel like it's needed.

So I'm a random fan of... like... everything. Really. I mean I mostly enjoy fictional works, but anything that keeps me entertained is good fun material for me, I'm not too picky. And uh, I've been a fan of sprite animations ever since I was a kid, and I still watch a LOT of these to this day, 'cause frankly, the well-ochestrated ones are a blast to witness.
Side story's over. Now getting to the point.

I... I don't think I remember how I discovered yours, but I /do/ know that the first one I watched was VG Exiles Ep 2, starring Jon Talbain - later joined by Sakura - fighting against a murderous Gambit (or Rémy Boudreaux, I guess). Point is, I... adored it, and am telling you this because well you made it, it was a blast to watch, and it actually made me discover Darkstalkers, and I'm currently beating the heck out of CPUs and online players alike with Jon Talbain.
That Beast Cannon... Did NOT expect it to be as awesome to use as in your animation. But I digress. Oh wait no, last thing: I happen to be a writer, and VG Exiles is, to me at least, inspiring in a lot of ways. Because of how the crossover is handled, and also because of the choreography's quality, mostly. And a few gimmicks here and ther,e like Cammy's projetile-shooting gauntlets and her braids spriging up (with that awesome disinterested pose), or Jon's Beast Cannon with that EPIC red aura... So yeah, thanks a ton for that. It's really, really inspiring to me.

Hadn't followed your work in a while, mostly because in a previous news you had posted, you were essentially saying that the next VG Exiles wouldn't come out before years, because well, Life happened. So, I decided to forget about it and expected to come back with the episode out later on (that's usually what happens, it's a useful trick to remain patient about stuff)
A few years later, I decide to pick up a few fighting games to train for an upcoming Pokken Tournament competition, play a bit of Darkstalkers again, think about that video I first discovered Jon Talbain in, go back to Newgrounds, and BOOM: VGE4 SCREENSHOT.
The hype... Is... real. And I thank you for building it. Like... Wow, I can't believe this. Super Mario Bros Z is coming back, Sonic: Nazo Unleashed is having a sequel, VGE4 is also getting a boost, apparently, What is going ON this year XD

There. That's all I wanted to say, really. A big, fat, thank you. For existing, for going on with your life, and for entertaining/inspiring other people like me with animations such as these beautifully shining babies - which are still in my phone, and definitely have NOT been forgotten all this time (just forgot to check your news).

There you go! Waiting for the next news, go catch some hours of sleep, and I'm eager to see what kind of surprises you have in store for this new animation.
Also, yeah, drawing. Drawing's good. Would be interesting to see what you can do with the ability if you do end up mastering it.


Fyrem/Tortwag/Glyphayel ← Just in case you randomly run into me somewhere else.

Been waiting for a new Vg Exiles for ages, glad to see a screenshot! can't wait to see the full release!

Any update on this?