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Posted by R1665 - August 24th, 2017

It's been about six weeks since my last news post and I must admit that develoment on VGE4 has been less than ideal.  The glorious and productive high of "Fuck CE-Rap Week" was pretty much the last time I had the energy to put any real work into the project.  Sure, I did a little here and there, but the marathon animation sessions and Twitch streaming were the first things to go once both mother nature and my workplace decided to spend six weeks punching me in the dick.

Joining the first shift at work made animation easier at first.  I had pretty much the whole day after work to do whatever I wanted.  However, my workplace entered peak season pretty much immediately after that last news post and everything has since gone to hell.

First of all, summer.  Fuck summer in Kentucky.  It's just the most awful kind of hot, humid, sticky, swamp-ass bullshit that leaves you wanting nothing more than to strip down to your sweat-soaked underwear and stand spread-eagled in front of your air conditioner like a reptile trying to sun itself until you pass out and sleep standing up like a horse.  That kills productivity.

Next, I have the sleep-murdering combination of workplace peak season and the current fall semester.  I've had to drag my sleep-deprived ass into work at 4am each Saturday for no worthwhile reason.  That leaves me only half-charged through the weekend.  Plus, it kills Friday night for animation.  My school schedule leaves me with little sleep time Monday - Thursday.

I COULD get a lot more done, but between the Saturdays fucking up my sleep schedule and the hot-ass climate keeping me in the one air-conditioned room I got (the one with the bed), I've been doing little more than coming home and crashing between work shifts and classes.

I'm hoping this Saturdaty shit goes away in the next couple of weeks.  That would be a step in the right direction.  Until then, I'm probably not going to be getting the kind of animation productivity I would have otherwise hoped for.

Oh, hey, look at that.  It's the end of the news post.  Crashing in 3... 2... 1...


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I can't say much about the weather condition in your state; but here is Jersey it can get pretty hot as well. Am shifts sucks! It starts catching up at times and like you said, it messing with the sleep schedule which means you now have to set a new schedule for yourself. Hopefully you'll find time to animate something, but it's also good to break away from it when need be.

Haven't seen any streams lately I assume you working on dialog scenes than anything and was saving the action for streams. What ever case keep doing your thing when you can and don't force it. When you board it'll be something to do.

Hey man, long time fan. Just wondering if you considered starting a Patreon page. It's a great way for artists to make cash by getting monthly subscribers for doing what they do. I dunno, maybe seeing real material rewards for your hard work will help with your motivation! It helps for me so I figured that I'd hit you up about it. Feel free to PM me if you have questions about it.

Best wishes!

Patreon is for people who can create content quickly, frequently, and reliably. It's also for those interested in turning their artistic passions into paid careers.

I'm none of those things.


I get ya when it comes to the weather since I live in Tennessee. Summer ranges anywhere from dry heat to humid as FUCK making going outside something undesirable on certain days. I also hope things can slow down for ya soon so you can try to relax somewhat.
Keep the great work whenever your able to work on it.