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R1665's News

Posted by R1665 - December 5th, 2011

This is a weird update situation. CE-Rap and I have stuff planned that requires some coordination to these updates, but with his recent complications (you can read about it HERE), I guess the best course of action is to simply start giving people some actual information on the stuff I have going on specifically.

That being VGE4, of course.

I'm about 40-50% finished with the fight already depending on just how long I want to stretch it. It used to be that four minutes worth of fight was more than sufficient, but it now seems inadequate at times considering the total length of the planned production.

It's a balancing act. For its length, the fight is the meatiest part of the production from a file size perspective. I might be able to make a six-minute epic rumble, but would that leave enough space for the rest of the story to be told? Tom Fulp was gracious and awesome enough to grant me the maximum-allowable upload limit, but the fact is that future episodes will be regularly tapping upon that ceiling. VGE3 only just barely made my new 40 mb limit, and that was only after making several deep cuts to the quality. There's only so much fat one can cut before they're shearing off meat.

That's why I can't ever do two full-length fights per episode and why I have to carefully weigh the impact of extending the fights I already have. It would not have been such an issue a few years ago when the story presentation was much simpler, but now Rap's side of the production is a juggernaut and I have to take that into account when doing mine.

...and let me tell ya, the stuff that man has planned for both 3.5 and 4 will make 3 look bare-bones by comparison.


Enough about that stuff. Let's get to the aforementioned VGE4 content.

The battles of the VG Exiles have been fought in a few interesting venues. My fighters have seen the wastelands of Outworld, the holographic projections of the Danger Room, the inside of a Street Fighter Shadowlaw complex, and even the streets of New York.

Up until now, they had simply been venues and landscapes. Just scenery. Those fights could have gone down almost exactly the same in other arenas and other worlds. Aside from the nice graphics and the occasional stage transition, the arenas played little part in how the battles progressed.

Well, as of VGE4, this all changes.

What if the arena was more than simple set decoration? What if it could grow and change while the action was taking place? What if the arena itself was active, alive even? Pretty cool, huh? Well, what if that very same living, dynamic arena WANTED YOU DEAD?! Where do you run when the WHOLE WORLD around you wants to kill you and CONSUME YOUR SOUL?!

Imagine a venue where the stakes are higher than ever before, where your opponent wants you dead, the world wants both of your souls, and death means eons of suffering and anguish followed only by complete annihilation in the eternal void. What could that possibly be like?

In VG Exiles Episode 4, that question will be answered.



Posted by R1665 - November 2nd, 2011

Well, now... HERE'S a problem I've never had before... CE-RAP and I have so much in the pipeline that I don't know which part I should focus on for these updates. Seriously.

Now, I know that a few people have probably tuned out. They may be thinking, "well, R1 finally got VGE3 out, so I guess I won't need to check back in for another year..."

They're gonna be missing out.

VG Exiles 3.5 will be the next release, and it will solidify the direction this series is taking from an artistic and storytelling standpoint. It will be more than a simple transition between VGE3 and VGE4. I know it may not be too terribly evident YET, but the events you have witnessed in the series so far are just the tip of the iceberg. This thing goes so deep that we will not be able to cover it in the main episodes. Not even close. Hell, we probably won't be able to cover it all in the "point fives" either.

...but we WILL cover it. I can't say how just yet, but Rap and I are going to expand into mediums further than our humble Newgrounds pages. We will create a centralized source for all things related to the series, specifically those things we cannot do here on NG. More info on that later...

Anyway, while Rap has been diligently storyboarding, planning, and organizing the monster that will become VGE3.5, I have been slowly but surely building the fight scene of VGE4. I'd say that I am about a third of the way through this showdown and you guys WILL NOT BELIEVE what vicious fun I have in store for you!

I'll be the first to admit that my sprite fighting skills made no massive leap between the choreography of VGE2 and VGE3. The major evolutionary leap of VGE3 came from the art, not the fight. It would seem now that the challenge is upon me to up the ante and take my fights to a whole new level to match the quality of the art and story. VGE4 will do just that. It will be the first visible step of MY OWN skill advancement.

What will that advancement look like? You'll just have to wait and see...


Posted by R1665 - October 2nd, 2011

CE-Rap lays it out in his own UPDATE.

I'd like to start this news post by addressing a common misconception that is going around with VGE3. There have been a number of people who seem to believe that VGE3 took two years to make. Some have taken that false observation and speculated that VGE4 will take just as long, if not longer.

I'd like to say that view is incorrect.

It did not take two years to produce VGE3. The two-year figure combines production time with the downtime and delays caused by not having the required artwork early in production. Here's the timeline:
September 2009: First sprites imported, library building, and fight animation begins.

April - June 2010: Fight pretty much finished (after some substantial gaming delays on my part), most voice actors recruited and lines submitted.

> Almost a full year waiting on artwork with no other measurable production <

April - May 2011: CE-RAP joins the team. He doesn't get heavily into production until May due to prior obligations.

September 2011: VGE3 finished and submitted.

The actual hands-on production time was closer to one year than two. The fight was eight months in the making, and much of that was done at a very leisurely pace with me taking ample time for lots of productivity-killing gaming. The art was five months of frantic work. The rest was delay.

CE-Rap and I spent so many hours on Skype coordinating this that I could not give you an accurate accounting of the time. During those months of working together, we developed new techniques that will continue to serve us in the episodes to come. To give you a better idea of the production times we were looking at, the jungle scenes took up the majority of that five-month production time. By the time we got to producing the Panoptichron and Shower scenes, we had reached a point of strong proficiency and those last two scenes were hammered out and animated at about 1-2 weeks apiece. Those five months also saw numerous problems that delayed production. Hurricane Irene struck and knocked Rap out for a week. My computer died. RAM issues. Sickness. Family and life obligations. All that and we STILL managed to get it all done in five months.

I guess the point of all this rambling is that VGE4 will not take two years to complete. Not even close. All of you guys who may be worrying about a 2013-2014 release for VGE4 can relax. It's going to be out a LOT sooner than you might think.


As for the VGE3 release, I am very pleased with the results, especially considering the many factors we had working against us. As I have said before, the fight was outdated. The only thing in it I would consider choreographically "new" is the fatality. The fight itself long predated FAILtality and is not a true indicator of my current choreographic skill level. I've got a whole new bag of tricks now.

VGE3 was mostly old work from well over a year ago. Couldn't be helped. It was necessarily released as an old car with a sweet new paint job. Pretty and functional, yes, but still far from new. As CE-Rap stated, though, it is the GENESIS of a new era in Flash. I stand by that statement. The transition may have been a little hard for some people to digest, but this was only the beginning. As much as I love it, it was our practice run. It was VGE0 all over again.

VGE4 will be ALL-NEW. New fight, new voices, new art techniques, everything modern from the ground up. No year-long delays.

...and I already have ninety seconds of the fight animated.

(Oh, and as an answer to Mini-Dude on my last news post: If I waited until the peak of my skills to animate my "dream match", then that match would never happen. I am CONSTANTLY learning new tricks and techniques and there will always be something better around the corner.)



Posted by R1665 - September 2nd, 2011



Be here at noon...


CE-Rap pretty much lays it all out here.

Just when we thought we had it in the bag, a freakin' hurricane shows up and sets us back another week. I suppose losing a week to Irene is the most understandable delay we've had yet. I mean, it's the weather. What can ya do?

Anyway, September 20th is the new release date for VG Exiles Episode 3.

That is, of course, pending Tom Fulp's approval. I have optimized this flash as much as I can, but the simple fact is there is SO MUCH STUFF in here that it will end up as the largest movie ever submitted to Newgrounds. The final scenes are not yet fully complete, but I estimate that this video will run well over twenty minutes and be around 35 mb.

35 mb (approximately) is a LOT for a flash but, honestly, it's chump change considering everything that's going into this production. We have, of course, a full-length four-minute fight. Add to that several plot scenes involving complete musical scoring and unbelievable visuals that go way past the highest quality standard for flash. Add to that the vocal contributions of over half a dozen voice actors. There has been more work put into this than some network television shows. That said, I think that 35-40 mb is one hell of a deal.

I'll start messaging Tom once I get closer to an exact size figure. Of course, there is also every possibility that one of the admins will see this front-page post and give him a quick heads-up...

So, in accordance with my front-page post policy, I now give you a screenshot. See ya on September 20th!


The Irene Effect

Posted by R1665 - August 2nd, 2011


There is every chance in the world that Hurricane Irene will cause another delay in the VGE3 release date. My communications with CE-Rap have been cut off. He lives in NY and now has much bigger things to worry about than this flash.

This and next weekend were going to be critical meetings between us to hammer out the final needed scenes. We were well on our way to finishing on time before this hurricane struck. Now the release date might be up in the air again. I say "might" because I simply do not know his situation. Given what we've all seen on the news for the east coast, I'd say that situation is less than ideal.

Communication and infrastructure is going down all up the coast. If you live in the path of Irene and can read this, get the hell off this page and find some shelter. Seriously.



Okay, guys. Time to break this down.

The fact is that CE-Rap and I are cramming more awesome into this than we could have realistically planned for. We are meeting almost nightly and progress is being made. I wish I could properly convey the level of work going into this. It is far more than either of us had initially envisioned and I can PROMISE you that every second is gonna be worth it.

What you are going to see has never been done in a sprite movie before. Hell, it has never been done in ANY kind of flash movie before! It's a whole new level and it requires a whole new level of production.

That said, after nearly two years of secrecy, I am finally revealing the match card for VGE3! Yeah, that's right... Welcome to my dream throw down: Kurtis Stryker vs M. Bison!

We're not done yet, though.


9-13-11 - VGE3 is scheduled to hit around 12:00 noon EST, given Tom Fulp's seal of approval.

Keep your fingers crossed and mark your calendars!


Check out the HI-RES poster!


VGE3 fight card revealed!

Posted by R1665 - July 1st, 2011

Okay folks, we're getting down to the wire on VGE3. This time last month, the plan was to have the episode finished and released by the second week of July. The untimely death of my computer kind of wrecked that plan and pushed our timetables forward by at least a week. I can say that we are going to try like hell to get this episode finished and on the portal by the end of this month. If not then, shortly thereafter.

Having already animated some of the art material, I can say with great confidence that you guys are gonna SHIT A BRICK when you see this. VGE3 will be the first of a brand new era in artwork storytelling for sprite movies. This era was briefly touched upon in VGE2, but will now reach an entirely new degree of complexity for VGE3. Like all things practiced, of course, it will get even better with time.

The biggest issue for me now is how the hell I'm going to fit ten gallons of awesome in a five gallon bucket. There is so much spectacular artwork and so much music to accentuate it that the current rate of data accumulation will go well beyond my current 20 MB upload limit. I am going to have to use every trick in my book to lower that file size to an acceptable level. If, however, I am still unable to get beneath that 20 MB line with acceptable quality, I just might have to go to Tom Fulp with hat in hand once again.

I'd like to think that he'd accommodate me considering my last movie spent three weeks on the Front Page... *finishes patting self on back*


Once CE-Rap has finished the artwork for the flash he will create a promotional poster as before for the current episode. For an example of what this kind of poster looks like, click HERE.

Once the VGE3 poster is done, I will edit this news entry accordingly and provide the link. In addition to the character reveals, I will also reveal the battle anthem and finally provide a definite release date.

It's been a very long and troublesome journey, but the end is finally upon us. Stay tuned.


Posted by R1665 - June 1st, 2011

June is here and the artwork for VGE3 is rolling in at a steady clip. It's not done yet, but we're working on it and getting further with each passing day. I have nothing else to report at this time.

It's getting done. Hang in there.



Oh, and this is for you guys. Always keep the words of Saint Katt Williams in mind when the fools of the world pay you a visit:


[Further edit] 6/09/11 --RAMBLE ALERT--

Approximately 24 hours ago, my desktop PC died. After seven years of wonderful service, the main HDD finally crashed and ceased being bootable. I am currently recovering all critical data from the now-defunct hard disk and transferring it to my new computer. Data loss was not a serious issue as I make regular backups, but this could have gone very, very badly if I did not have the foresight to make backups and the equipment to recover data from old hard drives.

I share this because I want to once again emphasize the importance of backing up your important data. I know of at least a few animators who have been dealt serious, and sometimes career-ending setbacks due to months of work lost in an instant. Fortunately, I am not among them. In my case, absolutely no data was lost and the only ill-effect that the VG Exiles will sustain is a temporary lull in art scene construction.

If anything, it's actually kind of refreshing. Although it sucks to shell out the cash for a new PC, as well as having to take the time to break it in, there are some silver linings. First of all, my former PC had about seven years of crap on it that I could do without. Any computer gets like that after a while and this event gives me an excuse to trim the fat. It also has the advantage of being a newer, faster, and generally more advanced computer.

I've now had to go from Windows XP to Windows 7 and I have to say that I am so far not very impressed with Win7. Perhaps I have not given myself enough time to familiarize myself with it, but navigation in general seems more difficult. Changing a setting is a pain in the ass. I'm not a fan of the format at this early stage.


TL:DR version:

HDD died. Got new computer. No data lost. Slight delay in VGE3 production. Back your data up and eat your Wheaties.


Posted by R1665 - May 1st, 2011

Hey, guys!

This month's update features something very special. I had previously mentioned that VGE3 shouldn't take too long to finish. I had said that a June release would be way beyond the current estimates. Well, it turns out that my earlier estimates were a bit shortsighted. There is every chance that VGE3 won't be out until at least then.

Now, before you guys get annoyed, just know that there is a DAMN GOOD REASON for the current delay. The artwork being produced by CE-Rap is super awesome and cannot be rushed. As a taste of things to come, I would like to introduce you to someone who will be making their presence known in VGE3:

Charlie Nash (Earth 6013-5077)

Ten years ago, Charlie and Guile infiltrated a heavily-defended Shadowlaw base in Venezuela in an attempt to destroy the Psycho Drive. Although they were successful in their mission, Guile was killed by M. Bison as Charlie escaped with a group of Venezuelan hostages. The death of Guile would haunt Charlie and result in an obsession for vengeance. From that point on, Charlie devoted his life to hunting down and exterminating every last trace of Shadowlaw's influence across the globe.

Through his cunning, ruthlessness, and strategic use of military assets under his command, Charlie drove Shadowlaw to the farthest reaches of the globe. Shadowlaw bases were razed worldwide and most of Shadowlaw's command structure was taken out. Due to Charlie's efforts, Balrog now sits on death row and both Sagat and Vega are dead. Still, Charlie's number one target has so far evaded him: M. Bison.

Now, Charlie has finally cornered the final remnants of Shadowlaw in the rebuilt Venezuelan stronghold. He is finally ready to bring the full force of brutal justice upon M. Bison. However, something seems wrong about the whole situation. What are these rumors of interdimensional technology? Who is this mysterious woman that has assumed command of his whole unit? Who was that civilian that arrived with her and where did he go?

Something is definitely fishy here and Charlie intends to get to the bottom of it.


Charlie Nash by CE-Rap

(I would STRONGLY suggest that you follow the link to see the full, high-res version. Also, be sure to let CE-Rap know how much you appreciate his efforts!)

Get ready folks, VG Exiles Episode 3 is coming.


VG Exiles is a truckin' along...

Posted by R1665 - March 26th, 2011

I am making this post a week before April 1st because I don't want there to be any confusion about the content. No humorous deceptions here, folks.


For the last year or so, my VG Exiles series has gone without any significant updates. It reached a point of almost crippling stagnation and I am quite frankly surprised that any of you bothered to keep up with my page the way you have. That said, I would like to make a couple of formal announcements:

First of all, after much deliberation, 3XStudios and I have parted ways on the VG Exiles project. The simple fact is that the last year has not been filled with fortune and he is being pulled in too many directions to be able to give the series the attention it requires. The division was nothing personal. He is still one of my best friends in real life and I don't want to see any disrespect spring up here. I wish him luck in all of his future endeavors. As you can probably guess, that puts me back on square one with this artwork.

Before you start to panic, I have another announcement.

Near the end of 2009 or so, I was contacted by an artist on deviantArt who went by the name of CE-Rap. We chatted a bit and he expressed an interest in making some promotional posters for the series. Admittedly, I did not have an idea at the time regarding the usefulness of such a thing. I also had to politely decline his offer to help on the VGE3 artwork on the basis that I already had an artist. We soon parted ways and I forgot about the whole thing.

Fast forward to January 2011 and THIS shows up in my dA inbox right out of the blue:
VGE0 Poster

Very shortly thereafter, two more images appeared:
VGE1 Poster
VGE2 Poster

(Be sure to full view all of these images for full appreciation. Don't be embarrassed if you shit a brick upon viewing these for the first time. I did, too. They blew me away.)

I show you these as a primer for the actual announcement: I have brought CE-Rap onto the VG Exiles team and he will be supplying the artwork for VGE3. This is subject to continuation for the remainder of my flash career.

Now, I know what you might be thinking and I don't want to give you the wrong impression. These showed up right around the time I started picking up steam on MK FAILtality. It wasn't until FAILtality was released that I started feeling the pressure of VGE3 again. Both the Easter Egg and FAILtality were created to keep me involved during the artwork downtime. With FAILtality complete, I had the overwhelming urge to animate again and no end in sight on the VGE3 artwork delays. It was the need to get the job done and done quickly that prompted my decision to bring him aboard after I parted ways with 3X. There had been a few concerns raised about the artwork in previous episodes (unjustified IMO) and I don't want anybody assuming that I was trying to "trade up" because that was not the case.

Are we all clear on that? Good.

Now, my initial production meeting with CE-Rap was very productive and I presented him with the artwork requirements of VGE3. Although it was a daunting task, he is confident that he can get the job done quickly. I will not release a set time frame for obvious reasons, but his initial appraisal was VERY promising. If everything goes as estimated, you can expect VGE3 to hit the portal very soon. How soon I cannot say, but if it goes much much farther than the estimate and takes until June (which it won't), it would still be a marked improvement. You folks have been waiting over a year for this, so I'm not going to sweat a few extra weeks and I doubt that you would find it unbearable.

So there you have it. VG Exiles Episode 3 is finally back on track after a full year hiatus. If you have a deviantArt account, give CE-Rap a visit and show him some love. The man has a whole lot of artwork there and all of it (especially the REJEX comic) is worth a stay. If you've got the cash to do so, you should also consider making an artwork commission. He would definitely appreciate it!

Oh, and he will also be making a poster similar to those previously shown for the upcoming third episode of the VG EXILES. This time, however, it's entirely "official" and will be shown to the world BEFORE the episode drops as a promotion. That's right, folks! R1's big secret is gonna be out in the open real soon!


In other news, I have officially started choreography on VGE4. I won't go into details on that one yet, but I will say that I was NOT kidding when I said that 2011 would be the year of the funny AND the fury!

Emphasis on FURY!!!


(Please enjoy this video in celebration of reading this whole long-ass news post. It pretty much sums everything up. TURN THAT SHIT UP!! Veeeery fitting...)

/* */

Posted by R1665 - March 1st, 2011

Mortal Kombat FAILtality




I was absolutely thrilled when FAILtality got the Daily Feature and Review Crew Pick Awards. I took great pride when it made it in the top three for the week. I was beside myself when it hit the frontpage. At one point in time, there were FIVE direct links to FAILtality on the Newgrounds home page.

Now take a look at what I just screencapped:

#7 top flash of all time. BRICKS HAVE BEEN SHAT.

FAILtality hits the portal!