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R1665's News

Posted by R1665 - November 30th, 2015

After two embarrassingly long years, the RANDOM SELECT COLLAB is finally done!

Check it out!

- - - - -

I am grateful to everyone who took part.  They exhibited extreme patience with my ...delays... over the last two years and I cannot thank them enough -  MysticSkillz, Ills10, HeartlessKarma, and weyden.

You guys are awesome!

...and it feels good to finally be back.


(Oh, and, of course, fuck CE-Rap.)

Posted by R1665 - November 2nd, 2015

Time for some real talk, people.

Among my strongest character flaws is a tendency towards wrath.  I'm the guy who will happily burn down an entire village just to get back at one douche living in it.  Looking back on these last four years, I wish I were enlightened enough to walk away.  I wish I were zen enough to view it as a learning experience and move on.  That's definitely something I need to work on.

For now, however, I'll just have to settle for smashing CE-Rap in the nuts with a sledgehammer.  Here we go.

- - - - -

Way back in the olden days on 2011, I was stuck in a very troublesome predicament.  I had just parted ways (amicably) with 3XStudios, the man behind the artwork of VG Exiles 1 and 2.  We had both agreed that the professional separation was for the best, but I still had no artist.  I still had no way to bring a non-sprite detailed story into a sprite movie.  I couldn't draw worth a crap and was left with an unfinished VG Exiles 3.

Then, CE-Rap came along.  We hammered out VGE3 and formed a strong professional relationship.  Well, as professional as it gets for hobby work.

...and looking back on it, it didn't take long for things to start sliding downhill.  Because artwork was such a time-consuming and difficult thing to do for free (the series made absolutely no money and I'm poor), I was very receptive to any ideas he would bring to the table.  If he wanted to put something in, he pretty much got it every time.  My reasoning was that it's entirely too much work to heap on somebody without giving them some creative control.

Unfortunately, he started abusing that control.

It started as minor changes - stuff that hadn't been scripted and finished already on VGE3.  A change in attitude here, a planned character use there.  When he discovered that I never actually had a plan for the series but rather made it all up as I went along, he wasted no time writing out an entire series plotline.  It was this giant, convoluted "lore-heavy" saga that extended from ten years before the current team to however the fuck long it would end up being in the end.  He kept established canon in mind as much as he could, but he wrote a hundred times what could ever be displayed in the video format.

Eventually, the plot changed so much that it became necessary to scrap the entire series and start over.  I resisted at first, but once again cowed to the dozens of seemingly rational arguments he had in favor of that action.

You see, Rap was a manipulator.  He was a silver-tongued bullshitter who knew how to talk his way in and out of any situation with lawyerly precision.  He saw (and even described) himself as a super quick-witted guy who was always forty steps ahead of whoever he was working with.  He was above.  He was advanced.  He always felt that other people were too slow for him and he eventually realized the problem was that he was so fucking brilliant that "normal" people couldn't keep up.  He was always the smartest motherfucker in the room and could make no mistakes.  He could work out all the possible future consequences of an action, and therefore always knew the best route.  Not just "knew", KNEW.  Uppercase.  He was the professional.  He was the head-down-eyes-forward-self-driven-uber-rhino-badass and he KNEW WHAT THE FUCK WAS UP.  He was FOR REAL.  He was UP FRONT.  He DOES NOT BULLSHIT.  (...and his real name is "Carl", not "Carlito" as he claims.  Because obviously the first personal detail you're going to learn about him is complete and utter bullshit.)

Now, you take a guy like that who lives up his own asshole and partner him with somebody like me.

I've been told that I write with an air of "authority".  It creates the impression that I'm more knowledgeable, assertive, and confident than I really am.  People who know me IRL know that's not the case at all.  I'm insecure as fuck.  I constantly second-guess myself.  I look for flaws in my own reasoning and I am acccommodating to a well-reasoned counter-position.  I value being wrong.  I value being mistaken.  This makes me vulnerable to bullshitters and manipulators.  I've been taken advantage of a few times because of it.

...and THAT'S where I've been for the last few years - in CE-Rap's World of Bullshit.

The original Exiles canon was the first to go.  It had to be rebooted to meet Rap's new story.  We worked through a good 75% of the fight scene for a brand-new VG Exiles Episode 0. (or rather "1" this time.)  We swapped Ken out for a souped-up version of Vice from KOF.  We changed the setting.  We changed the setup and the story.  We did custom spriting.  Everything was looking good.

Then Hurricane Sandy happened and Rap disappeared.  While he was gone, I created FAILtality 2 and stuck his name on it.  I organized the Random Select Collab with other fine animators.  I started up new solo projects knowing that everything would have to go on the back burner when he returned.

...and go on the back burner they did.

It wasn't long after Rap's return that we got back to work.  He was a big Captain America fan and had to make himself part of the Random Select Collab after learning that I had drawn Cap and the Hulk.  We spent a few months putting that together before stopping at around 75%.  (Never to be completed...)

You see, Rap now had a slick new plan - making money.  Advertising.  Sponsorships.  Partnerships.  YouTube revenue.  Making a living off this, son!  Doing this for money!  (Some of you might be seeing the flaws in this already and you are 100% fucking right.  More on that later.)

Nooooowwwwww, The VG Exiles reboot was no longer good enough.  The Exiles is copyrighted by Marvel.  The sprites, sounds, and music we use are also third-party owned.  If we were going to monitize this, we had to eliminate all of the copyrighted material.  It had to be "our" series.  So we could sell the fuck out of it.


Xeus was a once-again rewritten version of the VG Exiles with all-new content.  It was still based on video game characters, but those featured were amalgamations of already existing ones.  Take Jon Talbain, mix him up with some Ifrit from Final Fantasy, some whatever the fuck from Skyrim, give him fire powers, and call him SOVENSBANE.  Take Stryker, mix him up with some Solid Snake, some Stargate, make him a couple of decades older, and call him JACKSON.

That kind of shit.

Needless to say, this turned a relatively simple flash series into a nightmarish clusterfuck requiring custom EVERYTHING and the next two decades to produce.  That would take money.  Lots of money.

Fortunately, we had a mutual contact in California.  This guy had gotten into the toy business and was doing pretty well for himself.  You know, the kind of business that Rap could latch onto like a leech and suck dry for support money while we went around selling our Xeus humunculus to any internet group who would show it and pay us.

He wanted us to move out there and get started CREATING THE FUTURE.  By this time, he had me hook, line, and sinker.  Full assortment of stars in my eyes.  I was ready to commit to the great California Quest!

...buuuuuuuuut he wasn't.  He was still neck-deep in shit from Hurricane Sandy.  I was eight hundred miles away in Kentucky.  What could I possibly do?

Well, I could rent a large SUV, drive all the way to New York, pick up him and his stuff, drive everything back to Kentucky, and let him move in with me.  ...and that's exactly what I fucking did.  Because I'm an idiot.

August - December 2014.

Rent free.  Utility free.  I'm buying his groceries.  I'm buying his metric ton of cleaning supplies.  I've given him a cell phone and now I'm paying to put minutes on the thing.  I upgrade my cable internet to the best possible speed so he can stream hi-def videos while he does whatever the fuck he does all day instead of watching DVD's like a more considerate person might.  I'm paying extra for his subsequent data overages.  I'm working in a warehouse.  So... needless to say...  I'm going broke.  He's not paying for shit.  He deeply regrets not paying for shit.  Wait, scratch that.  He deeply regrets that I CAN'T HAVE A PAYMENT AT THE MOMENT.  Not that he can't pay.  There's a difference.  The former is a "gift" he can't give, but shouldn't be expected to.  The latter is his failing and fuck knows he's not gonna word it like that.  Because lawyer.

By that time, Xeus had been put on the back burner as well.  Mortal Kombat X was due to drop in April, so we had to drop everything and do FAILtality 3.  With FAILtality being easily the most successful thing I had ever done, Rap felt that releasing one on the heels of MKX would propel us forward and get the ball rolling for the California move.  That's right.  His plan was literally




I mean, how the fuck else were we going to get out to the west coast?  Rap certainly hadn't shown any ability or desire to carry his own weight, so where was this miraculous windfall of money coming from?  We didn't know, but Rap ASSURED me that it would all work out.  All we had to do was take this extremely complicated set of FAIL scripts we had written and cram eight months of work into an impossible five.  ...and when I say "impossible", I mean literally fucking impossible.  I did the math.  He gave no fucks.  We just had to make the attempt - even if it meant working for five solid months with no real breaks and 1.5 hours of sleep a night.  Unpaid.

So there I am - slowly losing my bank account.  Working a production schedule in which he gets to tell me when to work on flash and when to go to bed between my normal work shifts (which are paying all the fucking bills).  I have a manipulative, egocentric, (and I suspect sociopathic) prick setting the rules in MY FUCKING HOME.  All in the name of "brotherhood".  Rap was the BOSS.  He had made himself so.  (Hell, no sooner had we decided on the name Rhino Rex Studios that he appointed himself as the CEO of the "company".)

By this time, I had lost complete control of absolutely everything.  In my desire to make him feel welcome both in my flash projects and in my home, I had surrendered the captain's chair.  My desire to give him creative control for his hard work was not reciprocated.  If I didn't like an idea, I was "not seeing the bigger picture" or "not imaginative enough" or "not really committed".  If I wanted "my" idea done, I had to argue against his counter-idea that he had already built a giant tapestry of support for and could argue with his usual manipulative lawyer bullshit.

By the time Christmas rolled around, I was done.  I was out.  I officially walked away.

...and he stayed.

For the NEXT SEVEN MONTHS he continued living rent-free in my home.  I didn't have the heart to kick him out.  By his own statements, doing so would result in him going back to a Hurricane Sandy relief shelter and living in squalor.

...and still he remained controlling and manipulative.  He ruled the roost.  I continued going broke.  I eventually had to stop buying his food because I couldn't afford it.  I couldn't afford decent food for myself, either (the positive upshot of this was that I turned it into a weight loss game and dropped fifty pounds).

I went through multiple mental and emotional breakdowns.  I would have these moments of lucidity and fire off an angry email, but I was always willing to be walked back into the fog by his silver-tongued lawyer bullshit.  Our personal relationship rapidly deteriorated.  We eventually reached a point where we couldn't even interact (except for that one time where he blew up his own fucking computer and spent three hours dressing me down for it).

The end finally came one night when he knocked on my bedroom door and asked me to clean the kitchen.  I flatly refused.  An argument began.  It escalated.  I went to shut the door between us and he shoved his way in.  At this point I'm just repeatedly telling him to get the fuck out of my room.  Then he puts his hands on me.  That kind of "arm touching yeah-whatever-dude" male dominance bullshit.  I shove him.  He comes back and now we're nose-to-nose UFC style about to come to blows.  I tell him to take his swing.  All the reason I need to throw his ass out of my home.  After many more angry words he finally walks out, determined to use whatever legal recourse he can get to remain in my home, including paying part of my rent so he becomes a "tenant" and must be formally evicted.

Thankfully for me, my landlord and her husband live one floor beneath me and heard everything.

The next morning, I'm looking into eviction possibilities and Rap comes at me with the whole "we BOTH went too far" line of bullshit.  If ever there was a time for him to stand up and admit he was wrong about something important, that was it.  And he failed.

As it turns out, you don't have to actually strike somebody to be charged with assault.  Him pushing his way into my room was assault.  Him putting his hands on me was assault.  His nose-to-nose escalation was assault.  He did it and I had witnesses.

Interesting tidbit - when you give somebody the option of GTFO or go to jail, people tend to GTFO.

Now, he's gone.  His shit is gone.  My home is mine.  My future is mine.  ...and if there's anything in this universe resembling cosmic justice, CE-Rap will spend the next twenty years chewing a tunnel through the base of Shit Mountain.

- - - - -

That grand finale happened back in July and I've been struggling to get back on my feet ever since.  I'm fighting like hell to come back to flash, as it was pretty much the only thing I ever did that amounted to anything.  I've decided that I'm not going to let this mooching fuckhole ruin the only good thing I ever did.  That said, I am un-cancelling the VG Exiles.  It will return.  Just not in the same form it would have taken with Rap and most definitely not soon.  I need to perfect the art of sprite-based storytelling and be able to do the entire thing on my own if need be.

To that end, I am going to finish some older back-burnered projects while getting started on my brand new series.  It will be hugely story-driven and will help me build the skills I need to bring back the VG Exiles on my own.

I'm a brand new man, now.  I'm the Captain.  Time to take back my ship.


(This is, of course, the abridged version.  There is a LOT more.  Some of it WAY worse. I will answer any questions that I feel I am able.  I will also post a link to this journal in every future journal I do until I get tired of trashing CE-Rap's already beshitted reputation.  Why?  because fuck you, Carl.  That's why.)

Posted by R1665 - June 11th, 2015

I should have written this entry months ago.

I don't know why I've been putting this off.  The fact is that I have had a really hard time animating as of late.  For various reasons, a lot of the joy I used to take in the process has been largely sucked out.  I'm not dead yet, but I'm far from healthy.  At this point, I feel that talking about it a bit might help me get back on my feet.

CE-Rap and I have gone our separate ways creatively and now I'm back to working on my own.  The events that led to me walking away are largely responsible for my current state of demotivation.  Long story short, my joyful hobby became a tortuous "professional" effort.  I surrendered my control and became little more than a tool, trying to meet other peoples standards, schedules, and expectations.  I realize now that such "professional" attitudes are a kiss of death for the hobbyist.  The more disciplined results might have looked better, but what good is having a better product if you have to sell your soul to get it?  Once the joy is gone, nothing else matters.  You might as well just be putting in more hours at your shitty day job.

Anyway, I'm done with partnerships for a while.  For the forseeable future, everything I do I will have to be able to do on my own.

Exiles is still dead.  Even if it hadn't already been reworked into oblivion, I still cannot produce it anymore.  I don't have the artistic talent necessary to continue from where VGE3 left off.  It's just too much of a production.

That does not mean that everything that had been planned for the Exiles must necessarily be scrapped.  The whole thing about the Exiles was that I could produce fights between whatever characters I wanted and I could have a multiverse angle to stitch it all together storywise.  Now that the whole Exiles premise it toast, I'm simply going to take some of those badass matchups I had planned and do them as one-shot stories.  Sooooo... single-serve badass fights that would have existed anyway with the Exiles, only in a more streamlined form.

Now that my involvement in the Sentinel Destruction Collab 2 is over, I will prioritize the Random Select Collab.  (The original entry I had for that was a joint effort with Rap and now unusable.)  I must animate a new scene for that.  That won't take long if I can find a groove with it.  ...hopefully.

After that's caught up, the immediate future will be about getting some closure on other unfinished business.  As of this moment, I have multiple unfinished projects.  Those that CE-Rap and I worked heavily on together shall forever remain in the vault.  However, I still have three fights of my own that have significant progress made and require only to be finished.

After that, the one-shots.  Possibly intermixed with a new series I have in mind to replace the VG Exiles.  More on that later.

Anyway, that's the situation for better or worse.  I would appreciate any motivation or encouragement you guys could send my way.  I have a long trek ahead of me and my shoes are already worn out.


Posted by R1665 - February 2nd, 2015

As many of you already know, I will be taking part in TechLeSSWaYz' second Sentinel Destruction Collab! ...and since I can't seem to get SHIT done otherwise, I might as well put everything I got into it.

I've been in a real funk for a while and getting back into regular animation is proving to be a lot harder than I thought it would be.  Burnout is a bitch.  Still, I am slowly dragging myself back up from the pit.  It's a day-by-day thing.

Soooooo... once I've rekindled my animating spirit with this collab, I intend to finish up the Random Select Collab (at last), and then perhaps put in some work on a few older unfinished projects.  I'm not making any definite or long-term plans just yet.  Not ready for it.

So... yeah...



Posted by R1665 - May 21st, 2014

Well... it's May.  The Random Select Collab is now five months or so overdue.  I don't think there's much of a point in keeping things quiet and unsaid.  We're way past that.

The fact is that the RSC, as well as all of our other projects, are at the point in which heavy involvement by CE-Rap is required.  For pretty much all of them, We've been at a full stop for the last several months.  We had enough of a window to collab on my section of the RSC, but that was about it.  The problem is that CE-Rap never really recovered from Hurricane Sandy.  Things continue to be shitty for him.  The result is that our house now looks abandoned - faded paint, piled-up newspapers, waist-high grass, the whole nine yards.  Quite honestly, I'm surprised that people even check this page anymore.

But... there is now some real hope for the future.  No bullshit.

Sometime in June/July, CE-Rap will finally be getting out of New York.  He's moving out.  No more hurricanes.  No more headaches associated with living day-by-day.  He'll be touching down someplace more condusive to our continued joint venture - MY PLACE.

Yep.  You read that right.  We're gonna be roomies.

And THAT is when we will make up for all of the lost time over these last couple of years.  We've got long-term plans, but the short-term is pretty much US PUTTING IN WORK.  We've already got several projects just needing that... little... push.  ...and then the dam will break and there will come a FLOOD of new content.  Those of you who have graciously shown so much patience will see this old house turn into party central real damn quick.

First on the list will be the Random Select Collab.  After all this much wait, that's gotta be priority one.  After that, we got multiple tracks we can follow covering multiple genres and formats.  Exiles may be gone, but I think everybody will appreciate the glut of quality material that will be taking its place.

In the meantime, I've decided that no matter what happens, I'm NOT going to be skunked for 2014.  To that end, I've decided to go ahead and fast-track a new "skirmish" sprite mini-series.  Whatever it ends up being, it will center around the action.  Shorter, condensed, rapid-fire.  They may not be the full-length fights of the Exiles and they likely won't have the complex storylines and art production, but they won't take eight months to produce, either.

The drought is nearly over.  Hang in there, folks - storms a-comin'...


Posted by R1665 - January 25th, 2014

Okay, so no January release for the Random Select Collab.  It would seem that even Mother Nature herself is working against us.  It might seem like a cop-out to blame blizzards and polar vortexes for our production delays, but I'm gonna do it anyway.  We're only a few weeks' worth of work away from having a finished product.  The problem at this time is getting myself and Rap in the same room at the same time to get it done.

That said, please maintain patience.  If you are a collab contributor, please know that your work was not in vain and we WILL get this out - just not as soon as we had hoped.

If you want to pass the time, just watch this in a constant loop until the RSC drops -  


Posted by R1665 - November 25th, 2013

Just a quick few words since I haven't put up a new post in nearly four months.

The Random Select Collab is still being worked on and we are on schedule for a December-January release. More stuff is in the pipeline and we'll let you know where you can go to check it out.


On a completely unrelated note, I must officially recant any earlier statements I have ever made regarding the suckiness of Steam. Now that I have a good PC capable of playing PC games, Steam has become awesome. Now I'm not only ripping flash resources from games, but I'm actually capable of playing them, too! ...plus the games are cheap. Not bad.

My Xbox has been sitting disconnected for months and the last time I booted up the PS3 was for GTAV. That said, I don't think I'll be going for any of the next-gen consoles, at least not for a long while. It's been a LONG time since I've seen a console exclusive worth buying an entire system for.

So... if you happen to be on Steam and want to add me in the unlikely event that I'm playing the same game as you at the same time as you, my STEAM ID is, of course, "R1665". Maybe we can blow shit up together sometime.

...anyway, in case we don't put up a new news post before then, have a happy Thanksgiving (to those who celebrate it) as well as a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Posted by R1665 - August 2nd, 2013

R1665: “I should probably start off by saying that NINE MONTHS after Hurricane Sandy, CE-RAP is FINALLY getting back on his feet. We have reliable communication now and it's only a matter of time before we get rolling again. Evidently, there are still THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people still suffering the aftermath of that disaster and disaster relief is a "last in, first out" business model. If you don't live in New York and you think that everything should be rebuilt and fine by now, you'd be wrong.

CE-Rap: “For those nine months that followed the storm, I lived in a state sponsored shelter for Sandy victims, just trying to garner new funds so that I could leave it and find a new place to live. “

R1665: “Well, Rap finally has his own place, a decent computer, and the will to get moving as soon as he is able. That's the first thing that must be said. However, the reason for this particular news post is another subject .

In a move that confused some people who just happened to show up in that six-hour window, I made a news post in which I made what some might consider a startling revelation. It involved a professional separation from a then-unheard-from Rap. I deleted it because six hours after posting it, I got the "WOO HOO I'M FINALLY FREE!" message from him.

Nevertheless, I do feel now that I should just go ahead and drop the big news without further ado - The VG Exiles series is officially cancelled. Now, before you guys start building that guillotine, please allow me to explain why this was necessary and how this will ultimately turn out for the best.

When I first got into sprite animation and created the VG Exiles I had two goals:

1.) Get good at making sprite videos.
2.) Make a badass Stryker fight.

As of VGE3, I had officially accomplished everything I had set out to do. I never really had any long-term story planning other than "make fights with characters I like and then build a story around it to justify it". I don't plan that far ahead. I'm not that kind of guy.

The draw for the rest of the series would've been ‘characters you rarely see getting a chance to shine.’ That's all well and good, but it's very limited. It's just looking to the past and not the future. It's the future that interests us now.”

CE-Rap: “Now, to clarify, the VG Exiles was initially planned to be a reboot. The story we wanted to tell required us to create new canon. Things like the Acolyte betrayal and the ambush were going to be largely expanded upon because they would’ve been shown from the beginning, as opposed to having the characters talking about it as a past event. THAT led to a much larger plot, deeper character development, and so on."

R1665: “We rebooted the series (which some of you might remember me having mentioned in the past), and that reboot eventually led to ‘why don't we just make something new?’ We have the skill. We have the drive."

CE-Rap: “This direction was finalized last summer, and throughout the fall of 2012, all the preparations were falling into place… that is until Thunder cu-----*ahem* until Super Storm Sandy left me a fingernail away from homelessness. Communications were shot, my resources were lost, my tools were destroyed--EVERYTHING had to be put on hold. I shot a line to R1 every chance I got but we only talked 2-3 times in all that time. He tried to keep the dream alive for a time, even releasing a new FAILTALITY video under the moniker of our new group, RHINO REX STUDIOS---> where all of our new content will be released from. Since it’s release, communications fell apart again, and Riggie was losing hope that I’d ever be in a place to do the things we had planned---hence the awkward deleted post that some of you might not have even seen. In actuality, I moved out of that shelter about 3 weeks ago. The VERY DAY Riggie posted that he was ending everything—was the VERY DAY I contacted him, saying that I was finally free from the shelter."

R1665: “Awkward. Well, "Thomas Jane at the end of The Mist" moment aside, that post had to go. ”

CE-Rap: “I live in a pretty tiny and VERY modest apartment for the time being, with plans to move into a more adequate living space once enough time and money has been saved. That is slated to happen end of this year/early next year. In the meantime, Riggie gave me his old computer and bought a new monitor for it, allowing me the chance to get back in the game. And now that things are finally—FINALLY—settled down, I’m in a much better place to GET back in the game.

At long last, we have the resources to do the things we had been planning on for months. I’m a creature of evolution, and I’m all about challenging myself to be better in everything I do. I felt like if we were gonna go THIS hard, we need to go above and beyond what’s been done before. We need to use our own talents instead of rehashing the tools of others.”

R1665: “We now have the resources. Why not use those to take the craft to the next level? Anybody can take these existing characters and make them shine. Making NEW ones? THAT'S a challenge. THAT'S the next level. THAT'S what we want to do.”

CE-Rap: “And that’s what we’re GONNA do. Mind you, this isn’t some longwinded smug statement. This is US letting all of YOU know what’s been on both our minds for the past year and a half. You’d have known this sooner if the storm never happened.

VG Exiles--THE SERIES--is dead. An all new, all different, bigger, and better series has taken its place.More news on that front soon.”

R1665: “So, before you condemn me for letting go of a series you might have loved, stick around and see what we have in the pipeline now. We're betting that you'll be glad you did...”

CE-Rap: “Let me take a quick moment here to thank the handful of you that cared enough to leave messages for me here and on DA showing your support. The last few months have been one of the most grueling experiences of my life, and finally having the opportunity to move on from it is a welcome relief.”

-Rig and Rap

Posted by R1665 - May 9th, 2013

You know, that SENTINEL DESTRUCTION COLLAB was just so much fun that we HAVE to get the band together for an encore. This time, however, the game gets more... dangerous.

The RANDOM SELECT COLLAB is exactly what it sounds like. No more of this mamby-pamby "I'm gonna use the guy I think is awesome" stuff. No, sir. This time, the awesome animators will be using characters pulled from a hat. Like a business card from the fishbowl at Subway!

Who gets to decide these characters? YOU DO. Also us. But ALSO YOU!

Each animator gets to choose four characters to go in the drawing (we ARE doing the work, after all) and each fan gets one. Have a favorite character that you thought would NEVER be used in a sprite fight? Now is the time to suggest them!

Here are the rules for character selection:

1. 2D Fighting game characters only. No sonic. No Mario. Just fighting game characters.

2. No hi-res characters like Guilty Gear or Blazblue. Nothing against those characters specifically, it's just that the project can handle only so much size-wise. Gonna be a lot of data there and we gotta be frugal.

3. No MUGEN customs. If they never existed in a real game, they aren't allowed.

4. No version-specific picks. You can't pick "Pocket Fighter Chun-Li" or "Street Fighter Alpha Chun-Li". It's just "Chun-Li". The animator will choose which version they feel is most appropriate.

5. A character named multiple times will only be entered once. Winning fans will be credited if their pick wins. First named, first credited.

6. As per animator request, no shotoclones. They are all the same. If one is named anyway, one AND ONLY ONE predetermined shotoclone will be added to the drawing. Seriously, though. Those guys are tapped out. Why pick them?

Rules subject to revision later. I reserve the right to refuse any selection. I want to keep this as unrestricted as possible, but I know that some of you can get... rather trollish. That said, fire away!



For contributors, here are the build rules:
- 20 FPS
- 45-60 seconds in length per fight
- No text or story. This is all about the fight.
- Fights are 1 vs 1. No special guests.
- You don't have to show a "winner", but try to have some sort of climax.
- NO RAGEQUITTING! If you don't like the characters you get, tough shit. It's luck of the draw. Make your crappy characters awesome. Bring your "A" game. That's your job. There will be a lot of talent in this collab and you don't want to be the guy who chickened out...
- If you don't bring the pain, you might get cut. Just because you don't like your fighters is no reason to half-ass it.
- As a contributor, you get four character picks. Make them count. If you troll pick, you just might get stuck with your own guy. I would also recommend not picking a character you plan to use in the future. Not a rule. Just a suggestion.

[PLEASE NOTE] - There aren't a whole lot of slots for potential contributors. We have five filled by default and space is limited. That said, if you don't make it into the collab, it's nothing personal.

Let's get this party started.



Characters taken:

Q (SF3)
Mars People
Captain America
Iron Man
Midnight (Eternal Champions)
Sketch Turner (Comix Zone)
Iori Yagami
Kyo Kusanagi
Razor Ramon
Predetermined Shotoclone (sigh...)
Strider Hiryu
Terry Bogard
M. Bison
Shinnosuke Kagami
Ralf Jones
B. Orchid
Night of Wallachia
Heart Heat Harn
Grant (MOTW)
Scorpion (Martial Masters)
Moriya Minakata
Shaq (dafuq?)
TJ Combo
Jin Santome
Kim Kaphwan

Animator picks are secret. If you claim one of theirs, they will pick another.


Posted by R1665 - April 15th, 2013



DAILY FEATURE, baby! WOO-HOO!!! Many thanks to everyone who viewed, rated, and enjoyed the film!
(Also a big thank you to the NG staff member that insta-passed Vertical Seafood Taco during yesterday's cycle... no way I was gonna beat that...)


Hell, I'll take it.